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Allen County Prosecutor's Office

Chaz Jackson gets max possible penalty for drug deal shooting

By: Eran Hami, Joseph Sharpe

Source:  Hometown Stations

Chaz Jackson was found guilty on at least one of his charges after his November trial. Our Eran Hami was in court for Jackson's sentencing today(12/16/19) for his role in the death of Ryan VanBuskirk.

A jury heard the case just a month ago and found Chaz Jackson guilty of involuntary manslaughter with a three-year firearm specification but not guilty on a charge of murder. After deciding a couple of factors including that Jackson didn't seem remorseful, the judge sentenced Jackson to the maximum possible penalty of 14 years in prison.

"All the evidence in this case point to Mr. Jackson as the one that pulled the trigger so to speak and is the one responsible for the death," said Tony Miller, Assistant Allen County Prosecutor. "He still, I read the pre-sentence investigation, he still says he wasn't there, he had nothing to do with this. He shows absolutely no remorse as he did on the day the verdict was returned."

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