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Allen County Prosecutor's Office

Gold coins stolen from Sleets Coins in Delphos

By Joseph Sharpe, Digital Content Manager

SOURCE:  Your Hometown Stations

The Delphos Police Department is asking for your help in identifying two suspects involved in a recent theft.

The theft occurred on June 29, 2018, at Sleets Coins in Delphos, where the suspects are believed to have stolen $11,000 worth of gold coins. According to the owner of the store, the men are described as Hispanic and claimed to not speak English, using an interpreter over the phone. 

"I showed them 12 pieces they picked out 9. They asked me to put them in a bag I did, they wanted a gift box so I got a gift box out and they put the 9 pieces of gold in the gift box. At that time they wanted 10 pieces of silver. When I turned my back and went to the vault, got the 10 pieces of silver, he said he would take them. So he then put them in the bag and into the box and closed the box. So he said here's a 300 dollar down payment and ill be back at 5 o' clock to get the coins with the rest of the money. After they left, I felt something wasn't right so I opened up the box and the 9 gold pieces were gone," explained Dale Schleeter, Owner of Sleets Coins.

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