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Allen County Prosecutor's Office

One shooter from 2018 after hours party given prison time

By:  Eran Hami, Joseph Sharpe

Source:  Hometown Stations

It's because of two separate cases that Rasheign Tisdale will be headed to prison for four years. His earlier case is more notable as he was charged as one of the men firing their guns at an after hours party at 904 S. Main St. in Dec. 2018. He pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm on or near a prohibited premises and carrying a concealed weapon.

"I actually thought about being around the people that you involve yourself with play a big factor in your life and your future so," Tisdale said. "I need to choose who I involve myself with. And I have learned my lesson during this period of time. I feel like I’ve learned from it."

Although Tisdale said he fired into the air and he didn’t harm anyone, Anthony Bankston was killed by someone else's shots. A Crime Victim Services representative spoke on Bankston’s family’s behalf saying, “Gun violence has to stop.” Jemonte McNeal is the suspected shooter. His trial is scheduled for March.

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