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Allen County Prosecutor's Office

Police believe same suspects were involved in Tuesday's robberies

By:  Todd Cummins, Joseph Sharpe

SOURCE:  Hometown Stations

The Lima Police Department says they believe the same men who robbed Little Caesars are the same men that attempted to rob Hermies Party Shop on Tuesday.

The police department released pictures taken from security video during the Little Caesars robbery. The two men had guns and threatened the employees to get an undisclosed amount of money. That robbery happened around 10 o'clock and the men took off on foot. Nearly 2 hours earlier, the Allen County Sheriff's Office say two masked men flashed handguns trying to rob Hermies Party Shop. The pair took off before they got any money because the clerk was armed.

If you have any information about either incident, contact the Lima Police Department at 419-227-4444, the Allen County Sheriff's Office at 419-227-3535, or Crimestoppers at 419-229-7867.

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