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Allen County Prosecutor's Office

Police looking for murder suspect

By Katie Honigford, Multimedia Video Journalist

Source: Your Hometown Stations

Lima Police are on the lookout for a murder suspect.

Right now, detectives are searching for 24-year-old Dearin Thomas. Officers say Thomas was involved in the shooting at the Gas Station Bar on July 5th and he's wanted for murder. Detective Steve Stechschulte says the police department will need the community's help to solve this crime.

"We're hoping for everybody's cooperation, we know that it's never easy in a situation like this, especially the smaller community like we are, however the only way to get these finally to come to an end is that people need to understand that you can't just ever out your differences with bullets flying to a crowded room, to  start helping us bring these people to justice," Det. Stechschulte said.

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